08 June 2009

not me monday...

so i stole this idea from another mommy blogger. "not me monday"....a time to be brutally honest about some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I'd rather forget. *read all items with my complete sarcasm...

i'm totally using my $60 Wii Active. i mean it kicked my ass tonight.....from the shelf.

i totally didn't whine at my son today to stop fighting me. "stttoooopppp...."

i totally love that spencer & heidi are praising the Lord on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here." People really can turn a leaf ya know. i mean hellow.....stephen baldwin.
and by the way i never judge people.

i could never eat my emotions. i mean don't people just work out to relieve stress. duh?!

i can't believe i don't blog more often. i realized the other night that maybe one of the reasons i don't is that by the time i finish working, feed jeremiah, get him down for bed and then breath it's 8pm and then i check my facebook, twitter, google reader (aka all the blogs i follow) and next thing i know it's like 930pm or 10pm and i'm exhausted and feel like i have pretty much spent the hours of 8am through 7pm in front of the computer/tv. that is ridiculous.

i was super depressed today. like real down in the dumps and usually i trap myself in the apartment but today i made an effort and took jeremiah for a walk outside for a half hour hoping it would kind of lift the spirits. it definitely didn't. i just want to eat a lot of fried food and a gallon of ice cream.

instead, i'm blogging. and i want to go to bed. i'm not sure if that's any better.


MEGAN said...

you should blog more. quit your job.

CPT said...

meg. i SO want to be a blogger. but how the hell does that work?! =)