11 June 2009

WAHM!!! *sounds like BAM!

so i learned a new acronym the other day (thank you rebecca!) and it's WAHM....work at home mom. and it's like God was up there....wherever the hell "up" is.....and said oh, steph's struggling with this whole work from home crap AND take care of a 10mo old thing. guess i could help out a bit.....and down poured like 5 blog posts from people i follow (dooce, cool mom, girl's gone child, ohanamama, and momversation) about WAHM's.

seriously i got knocked out by all these posts. i couldn't believe it.


so basically i have this to say. all you stay at home mom's who don't work or those mom's who go to work full time and the kids are at day care or wherever....you ain't got nothin' on WAHM's. seriously. i'm not saying you have it easy. NO WAY. but being a WAHM is a whole 'nother ball game.

and i say this more so for the dad's out there. if you are a husband/partner of a WAHM please hug them....like daily.

when you go off to work you get to shut off the mommy/daddy mind and focus 110% on work, no questions. when you are a SAHM (stay at home mom/dad) you can focus 110% on taking care/entertaining your kids and doing house stuff.

when you're a WAHM....you have to do ALL of that at the same time.

for example. i'm on an important conference call with my corporate office and my son is screaming in the background because he crapped his diaper and fell and hit his head AND he needs a nap. Thank God for the mute button! but sometimes i'm on a conference call TRAINING employees while all this happens. they usually get this:

"um...can i put you on hold for a quick sec...."

or they say...

"oh...i hear baby! he doesn't sound to happy."

OH REALLY!? Thanks for pointing that out.

so any way. i'm trying to find a balance. and it's getting harder to do as jeremiah gets more mobile. gone are the days of breast feeding a quiet 3 mo old WHILE on a conference call.

seriously you guys. i was so frazzled this morning i was trying to get dressed at 930am when my boss called that....no joke....i was sitting at my desk with only shorts and a bra on talking to my boss taking down notes on a project.

oh Lord. thank god we don't do video conferencing!

08 June 2009

not me monday...

so i stole this idea from another mommy blogger. "not me monday"....a time to be brutally honest about some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I'd rather forget. *read all items with my complete sarcasm...

i'm totally using my $60 Wii Active. i mean it kicked my ass tonight.....from the shelf.

i totally didn't whine at my son today to stop fighting me. "stttoooopppp...."

i totally love that spencer & heidi are praising the Lord on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here." People really can turn a leaf ya know. i mean hellow.....stephen baldwin.
and by the way i never judge people.

i could never eat my emotions. i mean don't people just work out to relieve stress. duh?!

i can't believe i don't blog more often. i realized the other night that maybe one of the reasons i don't is that by the time i finish working, feed jeremiah, get him down for bed and then breath it's 8pm and then i check my facebook, twitter, google reader (aka all the blogs i follow) and next thing i know it's like 930pm or 10pm and i'm exhausted and feel like i have pretty much spent the hours of 8am through 7pm in front of the computer/tv. that is ridiculous.

i was super depressed today. like real down in the dumps and usually i trap myself in the apartment but today i made an effort and took jeremiah for a walk outside for a half hour hoping it would kind of lift the spirits. it definitely didn't. i just want to eat a lot of fried food and a gallon of ice cream.

instead, i'm blogging. and i want to go to bed. i'm not sure if that's any better.