30 April 2009

thoughts of a growing mind.

i've been reading a lot of "mom" blogs lately (thanks oprah & meg H) and i found some that seem right up my alley. the mommy blogger's are not your "quote - unquote" typical mom's. so that's awesome cause i don't think i'm a typical mom. sometimes i look in the mirror and honestly think God made a mistake or something because i don't even LOOK like a mom. but i mean what does a mom LOOK like any way? i don't know i guess whatever i think they look like.....i don't think i look like that.....or something. whatever.

well reading these blogger's have made me want to blog. like professionally. i mean jeez. they get PAID for letting people basically read their journals. seriously!? i'm down. i love to write. well here's to hoping.....

so my other love is reading and i really hope that my kids will love to read too. i take this as a sign that maybe JW will. . .

earlier today i had so much more i wanted to write about but that will have to wait i guess. check out my list of blogs that i follow to the right.... ---->


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