30 April 2009

thoughts of a growing mind.

i've been reading a lot of "mom" blogs lately (thanks oprah & meg H) and i found some that seem right up my alley. the mommy blogger's are not your "quote - unquote" typical mom's. so that's awesome cause i don't think i'm a typical mom. sometimes i look in the mirror and honestly think God made a mistake or something because i don't even LOOK like a mom. but i mean what does a mom LOOK like any way? i don't know i guess whatever i think they look like.....i don't think i look like that.....or something. whatever.

well reading these blogger's have made me want to blog. like professionally. i mean jeez. they get PAID for letting people basically read their journals. seriously!? i'm down. i love to write. well here's to hoping.....

so my other love is reading and i really hope that my kids will love to read too. i take this as a sign that maybe JW will. . .

earlier today i had so much more i wanted to write about but that will have to wait i guess. check out my list of blogs that i follow to the right.... ---->


06 April 2009

"baby proofing"

so i am a pretty basic go-with-the-flow kind of mom. i try to be as normal and non-anal as i can be. i have actually surprised myself with how calm i am. but that's not the point.

i truly believe in letting your kid experience as much as he can. keeping your kid isolated does him/her no good. especially when it comes to building an immune system for sickness and allergies. i had heard about this but now i have a published example from E: The Environmental Magazine July/August 2005:
"The number of children with peanut allergies has doubled in the past five years, according to the European Public Health Alliance. In just a generation, nuts have gone from a good-for-you treat to a ban-worthy scourge.

Barbara Boston, a nurse practitioner at the George Washington Center for Integrative Medicine, suspects that one of the culprits may be the limited food choice of most Westerners. "People don't eat seasonally anymore: Some reports have estimated that most people eat the same 20 foods over and over, in different combinations." Due to what she calls the "focusing" of diets, our immune systems are less able to deal with the constant influx of the same foods, which is exacerbated by processing of whole foods and the inclusion of the same ingredients repeatedly in packaged foods. If an allergenic substance (besides nuts, wheat, soy and milk are common allergens) is one of those constantly eaten foods, and a mother-to-be ingests it throughout her pregnancy, her fetus (as early as the second trimester) may become sensitized to that food.

C'mon people! Get it together! Don't you get that by withholding all of these things or trying to keep your kids "safe" you are actually doing them more harm then good. remember when we used to play in mud and drink water out of the hose and all that crazy stuff when we were kids!? we made out just fine didn't we?! our immune systems are probably stronger for it too.

passive aggressive anal moms: a message to you. GET OVER IT!

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