27 February 2009

octuplet mania

so i've been DVR-ing Oprah even though i don't particularly care for her. especially her belief regarding "spirituality" but anyway that's not my point at the moment.

her recent show on wednesday or something was about the Octuplet Mania and Nadia's (the mom) father was on. well i wanted to tune in because i've been kind of frustrated with the coverage on this. i understand that 14 children is a lot and i understand that she probably wasn't thinking completely through on this whole thing. i also know that she is single and who knows how she's going to do it. HOWEVER.....can i say one thing:

THE DUGGARS!!?!?!?!?!

This family has a reality TV show on TLC and they have 18 kids! Granted not 8 at one time. BUT the point is ONE more person (the husband) is not going to be THAT much help in raising 18 kids. Yes Nadia is alone but she has her mother/father to help. At least she doesn't have 4 more kids!!!! No one talks about whether the Duggars having 18 kids is right or not. Interesting.....

We are such judgmental people. when will we learn that we all make bad decisions. this is done. the babies are here. why focus on what she did when it's already done. let's help the babies who are the truly innocent one's in this situation.


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MEGAN said...

I KNOW! I watched the Dateline on her, and she was saying, married people can have a ton of kids and nobody says anything. Because she's single she cant do it. She wanted the kids badly enough to work her ass off and pay for IVF, so I am going to naturally assume she'll work hard to support them. And, since it's gotten so much publicity Child Services will prob be watching her and her kids closely, so if they're neglected or whatnot, they'll be taken away!