01 February 2009

giving in to the pressure

i'm not really one to speak out on politics and religion. i feel like i don't know enough to contribute and i guess i get intimidated fairly quickly with all the "jargon". i also fear judgement. i fear being looked at in a wrong light or as a bad person because of how i think or because i cannot explain myself clearly.

but i've had about enough.

i am scared for our future as Americans. i do not believe in our current president. and to make it clear, it's not a race issue thank you. i am more than proud to be a part of a generation/time when we are able to elect a black president or any ethnicity for that matter. but after the over abundance of media attention and eventual activism for him on their part it became inevitable that the American people would become overly fascinated and swept up in the propaganda that ensued. I mean c'mon. The posters of him in the blue shades and red and the songs written for him......that SCREAMS propaganda. and so many of Americans fell for it hook line and sinker. when was the last time songs were written about a president?? Obama spoke of hope over and over......hope isn't a policy. it isn't something that you can put into action. what is he ACTUALLY GOING TO DO!? Did you know that Bush gives over 30% of his income to charity and that increased as his income increased and that Cheney gives over 70% of his income. Obama gave less than 5% to charity and Biden gave NOTHING. HELLO!? you want to pledge to help people......what about our president??

i just think we aren't seeing clearly. we're being jaded by suave rhetoric. and the sad thing is.....if Obama does nothing substantially positive while in office his supporters will blame it on Bush. "well look at the mess he had to clean up". every president has walked into something.....Bush did the best he could under the circumstances. particularly with the war. what choice did he really have. it was a double edged sword. if he did not respond we would have been pissed. but whatever. we'll see what happens at the end of the 4 years or 8 if he gets re-elected. we'll see how wonderful every one talks about him then.

i'm just worried.......a friend of mine said it best in his comment to my video below:

"If they wouldn't have produced this video had McCain been elected, then it tells you that this video is more than just trying to inspire people to "get off their asses." It is, as appears in the video, a "pledge to Obama" that is masked in the guise of good works. What's absolutely ... Read More dangerous about this and the insane cult of personality that follows this President is that men can change. If you pledge your allegiance to an idea or a value, then what is eternal, but pledging allegiance to some guy who you've never met personally is absolutely dangerous. I'm in no way implying that Obama is comparable to Hitler, but it was the SAME mentality that got people swept up into Nazism. They didn't pledge themselves to an ideal or to a belief, they pledged themselves to a man. And when that man turned out to be crazy and killed 6,000,000 innocent Jews, people were so caught up in hysteria that they allowed this atrocity to happen!"

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MEGAN said...

CRAZY! I'm not one for politics either, and I do believe in supporting the president no matter how much I do or do not agree w/his/her policies, but I'm not a B.O. fan either. I feel the same way, what is he going to do that's going to be sooo dramatically different? And I don't care for his wife's insanely overarched eyebrows either. They scare me.