17 February 2009

american idol love & other thoughts

topic 1: american idol

ok. i can't lie. tatiana del toro has an amazing voice. but damn she is annoying as hell!!! i don't know how to vote. cause i really like alexis grace and this whole only 3 making it through in each group thing is WACK!

i'm just sayin'

topic 2: my husband

he's hilarious and too good to me. i think i'm a selfish person and i need to work on this. plus i'm lazy. poor guy.

topic 3: news

i watch too much news. i used to not watch enough. now i have fox news on while i'm working all day. overdoing it much?

topic 4: cookies

mike is making cookies right now. i love him

topic 5:

i just read the memory keepers daughter by kim edwards and i loved it. it's a wonderfully written story on how one choice in your life can have many disastrous consequences. and i had to google the authors name cause i forgot it and just found out they made a Lifetime movie of the book. crap! cause fyi....it's a downer. a good downer, but a downer. dermot mulroney stars in it. i like him, but i think i'm gonna pass. i don't want to ruin the book.

night. night.

1 comment:

MEGAN said...

I love book recommendations! I love your husband (not in the same way you do), and I love cookies. Made some last night at 10:30 for Ian. Give JW a squeeze for me. He'll know who it's from : )