14 October 2008

life @ the moment

@ this moment i am so unsure.
unsure of who i am.

when you become a mom it's like you disappear a bit. i barely have time to even shower let alone floss. i told that to my dentist yesterday. honestly. last week i only left the apartment twice. i didn't even step foot out the front door. and i think i went 2 full days without showering or changing out of my pj's. *i work from home

i can't believe i'm admitting this.

will i feel like myself again?

will i find energy somewhere?

i just want to take a walk & i can't even get myself to do that.

what the heck?

1 comment:

MEGAN said...

I just left you a really long comment and then my internet died. Talk to you in SF. My laptop is hot and it's burning my legs.